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LM05 KIDS KN95 BLUE 200pcs

Price: $98.00----New Arrival ----

Floding self-suction filter respirator

1Piece/Bag, 20Pieces/Box, 200Pieces/Case
Pieces Size: 14cm x 10.5cm  Case Size: 16"x9"x12"

Product Information:

• Storage Condition:
Store in a place away from light, ventilated, dry and clean.

• Scope of Application:
Protection against respiratory diseases such as PM2.5,virus, microorganism and dust.

• Raw Material:
Outer layer:100% non-woven fabric. 
Filter layer:100% melted spray cloth, hot air filter cotton.
Lining:100% non-woven.

 Matters Needing Attention:
1) This product is only used for respiratory protection against certain particulate matter. Wrong use may lead to illness and other consequences.
2) After use, it should be treated according to the requirements of the hospital or the environmental protection department.
3) Please discontinue use in time if there is any discomfort or adverse reaction during wearing.
• Executive Standard: GB/2626-2016
• Production Date: See Code
• Shelf Life: Three Years
• Made in China

1. Facing the face mask without nose clip, pull the ear band with both hands to make the nose clip above the mask.
2. Please the lower side of the mask under the chin so that the nose clip is located on the bridge of the nose, place the mask over the face.
3. Pull the ear band behind the ear and adjust the position until comfortable.
4. Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the metal nose clip and press in and move the fingertips along the clip to the sides until the clip is pressed close to the bridge of the nose. Using only one hand to hold the nose clip may affect the tightness of the mask. 
5. After wearing, the user must check the tightness of the mask to the face: (1)For rapid breathing, if air leaks from the bridge of the nose, read just the nose clip as per step 4, if air leaks from the edge of the mask, readjust the ear band; if a good seal cannot be obtained, repeat steps 1-4. (2)If there is no air leakage, wear it successfully.

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