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LM04 PINK (KIDS DISPOSABLE MASK) 1case 500pcs, 10box/case

Price: $40.00
Manufacturer: Zhejiang Pan Casa Co.,Ltd


10Pieces/Bag, 5bags/box,10Boxes/Case, 500Pieces/Case
Pieces Size: 14.5cm x 9.5cm  Case Size: 16"x8.5"x11.5"

Product Information:

• Storage Condition:
Store in a place away from light, ventilated, dry and clean.
• Scope of application:
For the protection of respiratory diseases such as pollen,foam,PM2.5,etc.
 Product description:
Made of nonwovens, the first layer is blue non-woven fabric; the second layer is fusible spraying cloth; the third layer is white non-woven fabric. Applicable to personal hygiene protection, food processing,etc.
• Executive Standard: GB/T 32610-2016
• Production Date: See Code
• Shelf Life: One Years
• Made in China

• Please check whether the package is in good condition before use and use it within the validity period.
• If the package is damaged before use, it is forbidden to use; those who are allergic to nonwovens should use it with caution.
• This product shall not replace medical surgical mask or medical protective mask.
• Please distinguish the inside and outside of the mask and wear it in the right direction. After wearing the mask, carry out air   tightness test. If you feel gas leaking from the nose process, readjust the nose process; if you feel gas leaking from both sides of the mask, readjust the ear position.
• This product is disposable and cannot be reused. The recommended use time is 4 hours.
• After use, it shall be handled according to the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department.
• If discomfort or adverse reactions occur during wearing, please stop using in time.
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